"Lessons from Rob over the past six months have reignited my desire to play the guitar. Rob's teaching is well structured and informative while at the same time being fun. I would recommend Rob to any of my friends seeking to improve their guitar playing skills."

-Luke Reed-



My teaching background

Love for teaching others is what truly inspires me. As a Grouse Mountain Ski Instructor (pic1 | pic2), an Information Technology professional trainer, and now as a guitar teacher, my passion is helping others discover and unlock their potential - especially when playing!

Now I have a great opportunity to share my musical journey with others that are interested in either starting to play or wish to continue to learn and grow. Music is dynamic, evolving, emoting, and passionate. It can serve as a teacher, a friend, a comfort, and an inspiration. All it takes is to open the door and walk down the well worn path that your musical heroes have laid out before you.

Guitar lessons and you

It's great to see someone just starting on their musical journey. Guitar can be so rewarding, enjoyable, and fun! While it is challenging to learn initially, staying the course will result in years of enjoyment and fun. With a solid foundation, music can be a great experience. It is always helpful to have someone in your corner guiding you along the way. I look forward to speaking with you about your goals, bands you like, and music you wish to play. Please submit the lesson request or give me a call to discuss what the world of guitar has waiting for you!

For those that have been playing for a while, it's great to have someone who's on the same road, but may have a few miles of travel under their belt. Knowing how to get where you want to go is a great first step. Having a guide along the way just makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Please check out the site, try the sample login, and submit the lesson request or give me a call to start the journey together. Let's discover what's in store for your musical future!


Rob Thompson


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