I became a guitar student of Rob Thompson?s, at first, because my daughter was a student of his. I enjoyed listening to Rob teach my daughter Leah so much that I decided to take lessons too. I?d played a bit of guitar in my teens and I?ve had a life long love affair with Pop music but I?m well into my 40?s now and the idea of picking up the guitar again was intimidating. Rob made the process of starting lessons easy and a lot of fun and now our Saturday afternoon routine is well-established where Leah and I take lessons in our home with Rob.

I think that Rob is the consummate teacher ? patient, encouraging and direct. Rob has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what each student needs. This is a skill that only the very best teachers possess. Knowing when to push a student to fulfill their potential and knowing when to hold back and ?have fun? when a student is feeling frustrated by a particular piece of music or skill development exercise.

Whether you?re picking up the guitar with the intention of becoming a future guitar ?god? or whether you just plan to play for your own pleasure ? Rob is the perfect teacher.

Kevin Hanvey


Rob Thompson's Recoding page

Recording music is lots of fun. It's very creative, enjoyable, and cool thing to try. I highly encourage my students to learn how easy it is to make music even if it's for your ears only. Please click on the links below to see samples of my demo

Recording Sample Demo (Home studio using Garage Band):

Rock Balad 01 (mp3)

Rock Chops 01 (mp3)


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