Rob has been my teacher for three years and each of those wonderful, and often long, Saturday afternoons, Rob teaches me how to play the guitar. He doesn't teach me to play what's in a book, but he teaches how to play the way I want to play. He introduces your potential and he will take you step by step to achieve you personal goals, not matter how small or grandeur they may be. Every student wants to make his or her mark in the world music history books and this is great way to start!

-Leah Hanvey

Rob Thompson's Recoding page

Recording music is lots of fun. It's very creative, enjoyable, and cool thing to try. I highly encourage my students to learn how easy it is to make music even if it's for your ears only. Please click on the links below to see samples of my demo

Recording Sample Demo (Home studio using Garage Band):

Rock Balad 01 (mp3)

Rock Chops 01 (mp3)


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