After 40 years of not playing my guitar, I decided to pick it up one more time and give it another try. What I needed was a teacher that understood my level of playing, what I wanted to get realistically out of it, and most important, have fun doing it. Rob achieved all these goals. I actually wanted to practice at night and get better. What a joy it was learning from him.

- David McLennan


Rob Thompson's BIO

The Music:

I have been playing guitar recreationally for 27 years, and it's the one constant joy in my life. Music has been such a great gift - the one thing that I know will always show me the way to the best that is in me. I started playing in my early 20's being inspired by 70's Rock and R&B. Throughout the 80's, groups like U2 and the Cult fueled my desire to learn rock standards of the day. The motivation to learn, get better, and have fun playing the guitar helped me through those times when it seemed like it was time to put the guitar down for good. As with any musical experience, new inspiration was waiting for me to evolve into my own tastes and styles - enter the 90's and with it a new era of retrospection for the foundation of blues.

 It seems like the need to Rock to the classics is back with a vengence. With movies like Rock of Ages reminding us all that the spirit of guitar playing and letting it all hang out there is still alive. If you love music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, let's learn some great music together and expand your musical tastes and knowledge. There are some amazing and fun songs to play. It won't take long before you are rockin' along to your all time favourites!

 The Band:
Lead and rhythm guitar
"From R&B to contemporary Blues, Rob Thompson's playing is inspired by the likes of Colin James, Lucky Peterson, and Buddy Guy. Enriching the foundation of the band with a sweet Fender sound, he forges ahead enlightened by the path of tradition."

The Gear:

  • Fender Stratocaster Deluxe - Blues and Rock Guitar

  • Fender Hotrod Deluxe Amplifier

  • Line6 Delay unit, Crybaby Wah, and Boss tuner

The Experience:
Lead and rhythm guitar player R&B \ Blues band
Lead Guitar Rusty Bones

NSUC Church Band Sit-in
Jammed with several local bands
Played at the Yale Hotel's Sunday Blues Jam
Studied guitar with Howard Abel, Ed Sadler, and Jessie Tucker the last 7 years
Study music theory privately


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