"Thank you for encouraging Sable and opening her to a new musical world.  Your love for music shows in the excitement and confidence that you build with Sable, and sure enough your other lucky students do feel the same way..." Jo-Anne Strub

  • Musican Weblinks

    A parent category to encompass all musician links.

  • Gear

    Any kind of gear from amps, guitars, to pedals, etc...

    • Amps

      Any guitar amps vendor related website

    • Guitars

      Any guitar vendor related website

    • Effects

      Any guitar effects vendor related website

  • Music Stores

    Website Links to music stores.

  • Music Clubs

    A list of all the local and near local clubs that play and support live music

  • Music Associations

    A list of Music related associations. These help keep live and historical music alive and well. If you have any current sites that you believe would be a good fit, please let me know and I'll add them here.


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  • Music Festivals

    Annual local festivals to check out in and around Vancouver, BC.

  • Music Events

    Annual local music events and concerts to check out in and around Vancouver, BC.



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