"Lessons from Rob over the past six months have reignited my desire to play the guitar. Rob's teaching is well structured and informative while at the same time being fun. I would recommend Rob to any of my friends seeking to improve their guitar playing skills."

-Luke Reed-



Lessons work best when they are fun!

Here are what some of my current and past students have to say about taking lessons with me...

New guitarists:

"Rob taught me guitar for the last two years and he was very helpful and taught me lots of cool things.  He made things fun so I really enjoyed my experience with guitar." Braedan Fitzpatrick

Aspiring musicians:

"Thank you for encouraging Sable and opening her to a new musical world.  Your love for music shows in the excitement and confidence that you build with Sable, and sure enough your other lucky students do feel the same way..." Jo-Anne Strub


"I really wanted my son to find a love of music.  Over the years we tried piano with different teachers.  It wasn't until Rob Thompson came into our life that our son showed excitement and interest in music.  Rob is, without a doubt, the best guitar teacher you will find.  He made the lessons exciting and fun.  Our son always looked forward to seeing him and learning to play really great songs that he loved on the guitar." Janie Fitzpatrick

Experienced players:

"Every few years I take 4 or 5 lessons to open up my sound... this year
I chose Rob for an instructor. I could not be more pleased with the
results. In 4 lessons he has FINALLY made my guitar look like a guitar
to me, instead of a transposed version of my piano. Rob imparts
knowledge in a simple to understand, mathematical way, and sits with
you in places of confusion until he is sure you comprehend the lesson
before moving on. Fast paced and logical, Rob has given me a greater
understanding of the relationship between my fretboard and my fingers".
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We really appreciate everything you've done this year,... We'll do lessons in sept.

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